Damien Robitaille

It is with great enthusiasm that I accepted the role of spokesperson for Noël dans le Parc. The Holiday season and its traditions have always been very important to me and my family. Music, encounters, decorations, food, the warmth of a beautiful fireplace, these are all magical elements that we find at Noël dans le Parc Festival! After more than 25 years of existence, we can say that the event has become a true December tradition for the Montreal community, and I am proud to be a part of it.

And, since I just released an original Christmas song album, a project I’ve been working on for over a year, I’m filled with the Christmas spirit!

Happy Holiday Season to all!

Damien Robitaille



“At my grandmother’s house it was my father who disguised himself as Santa Claus to make it grow that gifts don’t come from Dupuis Frères”, Beau Dommage (1974)

For its 26th edition, the Noël dans le Parc Festival offers Montrealers the opportunity to experience this holiday spirit, a must in Quebec folk culture. I warmly invite you to celebrate the magic of Christmas in our three villages created in the style of yesteryear by the Auguste Théâtre team in the heart of the city. Throughout the month of December, the Place Émilie-Gamelin, the Parc des Compagnons-de-Saint-Laurent and the Parc Lahaie will be transformed into places of entertainment and winter pleasure for the whole family.

This event, unique in Montreal, renews each year its commitment to create a spirit of sharing and social inclusion among the population. Thus, diversity is at the heart of musical and artistic programming and the free nature of activities allows access to the sites to all citizens without discrimination.

Again this year, come and buy your Christmas tree in one of our villages. In addition to having the guarantee of obtaining a local tree, you also contribute, for the most part, to the financing of the Festival. Thanks to you!

Thank you to the participating artists, our collaborators and partners, who allow the Festival to improve a little more each year.

Many thanks to you, dear public, who have contributed to the enchantment of Noël dans le Parc through your presence. Thank you for helping us perpetuate the unified vision of the Festival’s founder, Reynald Bouchard.


Alain Gingras-Guimond
Executive and Artistic Director



Create an urban Christmas village, a place where people meet and mix, that restores the spirit of sharing and conviviality. Since its foundation in 1994, the event has renewed its commitment to creating and promoting the symbiosis between art, music and creativity.

Diversity is still at the heart of the musical and artistic programming in order to be in sync with our values of social inclusion. The Festival’s free admission also makes it possible to offer activities to all citizens.



We present high quality shows of various musical styles.

Our programming is designed to inspire and stimulate the public.



In order to achieve our goals, we work with several partners who share the same values. Thanks to their collaboration, the Festival is growing and improving every year.


The Festival supports several social causes and gives back to the community to be a lever for social change.


We encourage the diversity of artists and audiences in order to invite them to live new experiences that enhance encounter and creativity.


We create environments that are welcoming, accessible and respectful.


We wish to minimize the impact of our activities on the environment through multiple eco-responsible initiatives. We promote on-site reduction, reuse and recycling of all materials and containers.

Team 2019

Directeur général et artistique
Alain Gingras-Guimond

Adjoint au directeur général, directeur administratif
Nicolas Lachapelle

Adjointe à la direction générale / Responsable de la programmation
Jolyane Trudel

Directrice de production
Carole Mondello

Chargé de projet / Graphiste
Alain-Pierre Berriault

Stagiaire en action culturelle
Carolanne De Chantal

Stagiaire en gestion
Quentin Dewerdt

Recherche de commandites et financement
Alain-Pierre Berriault
Carolanne DeChantal
Quentin Dewerdt

Emmanuel Crombez

Directeur technique son et éclairage
Yannick Sirois

Technicien de son en chef
Martin Gauthier

Directeur technique montage et démontage
Gilles Coté

Techniciens, montage et démontage
Johakim Jasenovic
Stéphane Brodeur
Jean Fortier
Émile Gingras
Sébastien Carbonni
Nathalie Fridman
Judith Bourque

Transport des cabanes
Danny Mondor – Express Mondor

Responsable des bars
Jean Fortier

OBNL 360 / C4 Communications


Noël dans le Parc: a 25-year love story with Montreal

The following year, L’Auguste Théâtre created the first edition of “La Cabane magique” at Parc Lahaie, in the heart of Montreal. An imposing log cabin erected in the centre of the park welcomes 200 spectators and presents a theatrical, multicultural and multidisciplinary musical show, written and directed by actor and designer Reynald Bouchard. The performance boldly merged folk music, classical music, storytelling, dance, theatre and circus arts, and includes a cast of 20 professional artists.

For three years, L’Auguste Théâtre offered “La Cabane magique” to a growing audience. In all, more than 800 creators and craftsmen from different backgrounds come to sow dreams and magic in the hearts of the spectators. L’Auguste Théâtre presents three original creations of its theatrical musical show, “Tout l’Monde dans Maison”, “Pour rejoindre celle qu’il aime” and “Le Monde de Jos Bello”.

While they remained faithful to the concept of its creator, Noël dans le ParcFestival came back in force in 2010, 2011 and 2012 with an urban Christmas festival, focusing on diversity of cultures and various types of music. A large place was given to established and emerging musicians alike. Since the death of its creator, the Festival’s general and artistic direction has been ensured by its former assistant artistic director, Alain Gingras-Guimond, who weld this position since early on.

In 2013, Noël dans le Parc Festival celebrated its 20th anniversary, as well as 20 years of producing winter artistic and cultural events. With Christmas in the Parc “Garneau”, the Festival grew considerably. by extending its presence at the Esplanade du Parc Olympique, from 2012 to 2014, the Festival engaged in three neighbourhoods of the city: Plateau Mont-Royal, Sud-Ouest and Hochelaga-Maisonneuve.

Since 2016, three villages of yesteryears have been built by L’Auguste Théâtre in the heart of Montreal at Compagnons-de-Saint-Laurent park, Lahaie park and Place Émilie-Gamelin. These large spaces have been transformed into places of entertainment and winter pleasures for the whole family during the month of December.

In 2018, Noël dans le Parc Festival celebrated its 25th anniversary with a big event, withon more partners than ever before. The audience has been loyal to the event and Noël dans le Parc’s 25th edition closed with great success.